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It’s All About You in 2022

14-day Course

Tuesday 4th January – Monday 17th January

8:00 am – 8:25 am

Usual fee: £20.00     Early Bird £15.00 until 31st December 2021

Think you might want to lose a few pounds in the New Year? Perhaps get the eating and exercise back on track? Get your wellbeing in line?

Make it All About You in 2022!
Put yourself first for a change and get ready to kickstart your health and fitness after Christmas. Start the year feeling great and good about yourself.
Join us in our Facebook group for a variety of filmed and live videos suitable for ALL abilities – even if you haven’t exercised for years. If you can’t make it live, then all content will be posted in the Facebook group to catch up with later.
Don’t miss out on daily exercise videos, daily chats, recipes and a healthy eating plan to rocket your health and fitness into the New Year.
Remember…It’s All About You in 2022!
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      14 Days of Workouts:                                                    14 Days of Healthy Habits:

  1. Kickstart Cardio                                                                   1. Sleepyhead
  2. Bootylicious                                                                          2. Waterworks
  3. Waist Watchers                                                                    3. Veg Fest
  4. Wishful Shrinking                                                               4. Portion Distortion
  5. Get With The Flow                                                              5. Digital Detox
  6. Walk This Weight                                                                6. Lost in Pace
  7. De-Manic Monday                                                               7. Early Riser
  8. Oliver’s ARMy                                                                       8. Deep Breath In…
  9. Cirque de Sore Legs                                                             9. Kitchen Queen
  10. Hit & Run                                                                             10. Garden Grill
  11. Strike A Pose                                                                        11. Think Like A Cat
  12. Sweat Shop                                                                           12. Comfort Zone
  13. Mind Over Mat-ter                                                             13. Ahhmmmmm
  14. Flab-u-less                                                                            14. Smooth Operator



Lift Lean – 7 Day Beginners Course

Commences – Next course starts 24th January 2022

Usually £15.00

Early Bird Offer – £10.00 until 20/01/22 – Early Bird Code LLB2022

Menopausal or beyond?

Fed up that belly fat seems to have appeared from nowhere and it just won’t go? Find you can’t lose weight like you used to? Frustrated with a lack of energy, loss of muscle strength and annoying brain fog?

SlimFit Lift Lean is a different approach to training and really helps with all the above.

This resistance workout will get your heart rate up and improve body shape, improve self esteem & mood, increase bone density & help prevent osteoporosis, help lift brain fog and more. If you only have 15-20 minutes a day to work out and aged 40+ this is the workout that will make a difference.

This course is delivered in a Private Facebook Group, with daily 15-20 minute workouts – along with daily live ‘menopause and beyond’ nutritional, mindset and wellbeing talks to really motivate you. You will also receive a fantastic healthy eating plan and a file full of recipes!

Click HERE to discover more about the course, try our FREE taster workouts and see what those people who have already done the course have to say.

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Fitness Pilates 4-Week Course

Doing a regular Fitness Pilates workout is a great way to change the shape of your body and it can even help with those little niggles such as aches and pains in joints.

Feel free to book onto our next courses now

Fitness Pilates November/December Mondays 29th November, 6th, 13th, 20th December 4 Week course

£33.00 payable in advance

***Includes recordings of all classes in case the live class is missed***

Click here to book your place

Why do Fitness Pilates?

Doing a regular Fitness Pilates workout is a great way to change the shape of your body. Incorporated with a healthy diet and regular cardio exercise, doing pilates will help to tone your body and make your muscles longer and leaner over time.

Pilates uses controlled movements, primarily focused in your “core”  to build body strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s a body conditioning routine that won’t result in bulky muscles. Instead, the movements serve to lengthen your muscles as it strengthens them. Our Fitness Pilates is mat-based, where you do a series of movements using a mat on the floor. Pilates has the power to dramatically transform the way your body looks. It will give you a sleek, toned body with a flattened abdomen and slender thighs in addition to better posture.

Any form of exercise will benefit you not only physically, but mentally as well. Pilates is no exception. Pilates teaches you to control and balance your body and mind, often focusing on the quality of a movement rather than the quantity, so you’re getting both a physical and mental workout in your exercise.

Pilates’ power also lies in the fact that anyone can do it. It isn’t high impact and there is little jarring and stress placed upon your body.