Courses – SlimFit Wokingham

We periodically run courses throughout the year. Some of our courses/programmes are being delivered online via Facebook, some Face to Face in the community.

Fitness Pilates

​Fitness Pilates course (mixed ability)

Saturdays 8th, 15th and 22nd Jan 2022

9.00 to 10.00 am

Barkham Village hall, Church Lane, Barkham, Wokingham

£27 payable in advance


​Lift Lean

Why do Lift Lean?

Menopausal or beyond?

Frustrated with lack of energy, loss of muscle strength, poor mental cognition?

​Do you find that you can’t lose weight like you used to be able to?

​SlimFit Lift Lean is a different approach to training. This resistance workout will get your heart rate up and improve body shape, improve self esteem & mood, increase bone density & help prevent osteoporosis, help lift brain fog and so much more.

If you only have 20-25 minutes a day to work out and are aged 40+ this is the workout that will make a difference

This course is delivered in a Private Facebook Group, with daily 20-25 minute workouts – some live and some pre-recorded, along with ‘menopause and beyond’ nutritional and well being information. There is also a comprehensive nutrition plan. All workouts are recorded with FULL access for a number of days after the programme ends.

See the video below for a taster session

SlimFit Lift Lean 

14 day programme commencing Monday 10th Jan 2022

Delivered online via a private Facebook group

£28 payable in advance 


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Barre Pilates

Why do Barre Pilates?

Barre workouts are a low impact class to strengthen your body.  The Barre Pilates Method simplifies complex ballet technique and combines it with Pilates, body conditioning and stretches to deliver a safe, effective, flowing workout for everyone, with no need of dance experience.  This non-impact workout uses both a ballet barre or chair and the mat and targets all major muscle groups.

Benefits include:
  • Improvement to standing posture and spinal alignment
  • Helping to increase your bone density
  • Stabilisation and strengthening of joints
  • Stabilisation of deep core muscles to alleviate and prevent back pain
  • Challenging the muscular endurance of the entire body
  • Increasing flexibility, coordination, and balance
  • Burning calories while gaining lean muscle 

What does a typical class look like?
Classes are an hour long and start with a gentle 5-10 minute standing warm up, followed by a further 20-30 minutes of standing exercises to focus on the lower body. The class then progresses on to mat work (targeting core and upper body) finishing with a lovely long stretch.

You will need a mat, a chair and some water and can wear whatever you feel comfortable in.  You can do Barre Pilates with your trainers on if you wish, but we recommend trying the class either barefoot or with some ‘grippy’ Pilates/Yoga socks as its great to get a good workout for the feet too!

Next course tbc in 2022