Success stories

Louise Oliver 

Louise before

Louise after

I lost half my weight by cutting back at home, too embarrassed to go to a class, although in hindsight, I wish I had. I lost the other half at Rosemary Conley Classes. The confidence gained by losing all this weight allowed me to return to singing, a lifelong passion of mine, which in turn gave me the confidence to become a Rosemary Conley franchisee before going on to form SlimFit with Kirsty Ede in Wokingham. I love the fact that I can fit into fashionable clothes and now have boundless amounts of energy due to healthy eating and exercise – my members call me the Duracell Bunny! Just do it! You’ll never look back!

Lost: 7st 7lbs  

Becky Hedges

Becky before

Becky after

I have been coming to class for a number of years now. I first joined because I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and decided to do something about it. I lost the weight I wanted to by following the combination of a healthy diet and exercising. I really enjoy coming to class and have signed up for extra classes that I really enjoy which helps me both to maintain my weight and keep me fit.

Lost: 2st 2lbs 


Jackie Swift

I have lost over 7 stones with SlimFit! 

I wanted to lose weight for my big birthday and was fed up with painful knees and joints. I wasn't able to buy the clothes I liked as they didn't seem to make them in a size 24. I set myself the goal of losing 40lbs before my holiday in Many, and then to reach 50lbs before my September holiday - I manged both! I have gained so much confidence which resulted in securing a new job. I regularly complete 5K runs after never having been able to run before and I can now find clothes I like in shops too!

Jane Spiro

Jane before

Jane after

In the past I had lost weight by denying myself food altogether which involved literally fainting with hunger, sometimes quite dramatically. I had had a sense that I was at war with food; only one of us could win! I have learnt that losing weight is not about starving, but about eating well, and a key to this is feeling nourished and in control. As well as attending class I am now flamenco dancing as often as I can, swimming, cycling and jogging. I have literally returned to the self I was 20 years ago. 

Lost: 4st 3lbs  


Alister & Sarah Brown



The support of a partner is invaluable when you’re trying to shed your excess weight and tackling our weight loss together, along with other like-minded class members, made it much easier to stay on track. We’ve both had weight issues since childhood and spent our honeymoon in New England treating ourselves to generous dinners, huge wedges of cake and wine. Now, having lost over 13 stone between us, when we visit the US we are more interested in spending hours exploring the stunning countryside on foot than sampling the local cuisine. Losing weight and exercising together has not only made us tone up and get in shape, but has brought us closer. We are very proud of what we have achieved.                                                                          

Alister – Lost: 7 st 12lbs   Sarah – Lost: 5st 7lbs   

Kayleigh Coleman

Kayleigh before & after

I was told I’d need fertility treatment and wouldn’t be referred to a fertility clinic until I’d lost weight. This became my motivation to lose the excess pounds and I lost around 3 and a half – 4 stone in class. After ten lots of Clomid fertility treatment I got pregnant and I then let myself go again and gained all my weight back during pregnancy. Once I had my daughter I realised I wanted to get fit and healthy for her, and I rejoined the classes. Within a year and 5 months I reached my goal weight. I maintained weight by attending class each week and then fell pregnant with my son, naturally due to the weight I’d lost. Whilst pregnant I again gained a lot of weight, (oops!) but rejoined classes and and I’m now so close to goal again. My children really are my motivation; to keep weight off and be fit and healthy for them, I honesty don’t think I could have lost weight without these classes.        

Lost: 6st 4lbs  


Helen Hurrell

I lost 6 stones for my 50th birthday!

I was just about to turn 49 and I was in a rut, working hard but not exercising at all. I knew that I needed to make a lifestyle change and I decided to try SlimFit classes. On my first day I topped the scales at 15 stone. 

Working with Louise has been great. The balance of exercise, talks and eating advice work really well, plus everyone is really friendly and supportive. When I attend the classes regularly, I find it easy to lose weight. I didn’t feel hungry and quickly got into the routine.  

My one best result is achieving my initial goal to be 9 stone by my 50th birthday. I hit the goal at the weigh in before my birthday!