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Virtual Wellness Retreat – 9th January 2021





Saturday 9th January     2:00 pm – 6:15 pm     £30.00

It’s a stressful world we’re living in right now…. Covid…Christmas…

How often do you put yourself first and really look after YOU?

Here at SlimFit we thought it would be great to come together for a 1 day retreat and experience fabulous classes, talks, fabulous food and drink and all be together in a luxurious location……but sadly we can’t do that this year!

So, we’re taking all the sessions and all the talks – the whole concept – to a virtual retreat and we’re really excited about this!

If you can attend all of the Virtual Wellness Retreat Zoom/Facebook sessions live then that would be amazing. If you can attend some of the sessions then that’s great. But don’t worry! Even if you can’t attend live – you won’t miss out! Everything will be recorded so you will have access to all of the event afterwards to do at your own convenience.

Although exercise is a great stress reliever, sometimes it’s nice to do more gentle movement rather than hardcore high intensity! So, with that in mind, we’re kicking off our first Virtual Wellness Retreat with some great activities:

2:00 pm – Barefoot Conditioning

Kick off those shoes and socks and let’s gently tone up the muscles with just one light weight and some gentle mobility.

2:45 pm – Health Goal Setting

Make 2021 the year you reach your health and fitness goals whatever they might be! Ever wonder why some people always seem to reach their goals? What’s their secret? Find out in this goal setting talk.

3:30 pm – Flexible Fascia

Tight muscles? Let’s stretch them out using a tennis ball! It’ll feel like you’ve been massaged!

4:00 pm – Top Wellbeing Takeaways

Some great ‘wellbeing’ nuggets of information that you can take away and put in place to help you feel fantastic.

4:45 pm – Holistic Barre

Move and strengthen the body with this non-impact gentle workout for all levels.

5:30 pm – Soulful Stretch & Meditation

Light a candle…relax the mind…. stretch the body….big breath in….just breathe!

6:00 pm – Drinks & Chat

Let’s finish with a good old catch up and….break open the vino if you like!

So, if you’re ready for something that’s just very chilled out, if you want to be inspired and you love the idea of joining us for a Virtual Wellness Retreat, then make sure you book in.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our day of wellness on Saturday 9th January.



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